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11 May 2021
Ulysseus Open Event

Welcome to the

Ulysseus Open Event


Join us on 11 May to take part in the Ulysseus Open Event to learn more about the Ulysseus Communitythe Ulysseus Campus, our six Innovation Hubs and all the opportunities they can offer you including academic degrees, research and entrepreneurial projects, international mobility in a wide variety of topics. Don’t hesitate to visit our marketplace for networking and collaboration opportunities inside Ulysseus!

Ulysseus is an international, open-to-the-world, person-centered, and entrepreneurial University that will shape Europe’s future. We respond to the needs and demands of citizens by creating the Ulysseus Innovation Ecosystem that mixes knowledge, infrastructure and talent and ensures equality, diversity and sustainability as our underlying values.

Our name, Ulysseus, comes from merging Ulysses + EU. Ulysses is the hero of Homer's epic poem “The Odyssey”, which means a long trip involving many different and exciting activities while searching for something. Undeterred and audacious like Ulysses in his 10-year journey to Ithaca, our Alliance faces an ambitious endeavour that will contribute to shape the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area, and hence the future of Europe.

Inspiring plenary sessions,
informative workshops and
targeted 1:1 meetings promises
knowledge gain and new business contacts

Bi-lateral meetings will take place in a dedicated area and will be arranged in advance by means of this website. Once you sign up, you will be able to access our marketplace to engage and share all the opportunities Ulysseus can offer you. These include:

  • Networking between students, researchers, practitioners, companies, other institutions and stakeholders (schedule 1:1 call within B2match platform).
  • Ulysseus six Innovation Hubs calls for projects’ cooperation, research and entrepreneurship.
  • Funding opportunities per Innovation Hub, including calls for proposals of Horizon Europe program and Erasmus +.
  • Search for expertise, information or collaboration within the Ulysseus ecosystem.

Meetings will take place in a dedicated area and will be arranged in advance by means of this website.

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Ulysseus partners

The Ulysseus Alliance includes six diverse Universities, solidly involved in the development of their regions and cities:

and is co-funded by Erasmus+ program. We are additionally supported by 95 Associated Partners from the public and private sector.


Ulysseus partners
Closed since 21 May 2021
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Spain 428
Slovakia 202
Italy 169
France 144
Austria 93
Finland 87
Belgium 8
Ukraine 5
Peru 5
United Kingdom 3
Romania 3
India 2
Türkiye 2
Portugal 2
Chile 2
Colombia 2
Canada 2
Germany 2
Netherlands 2
Argentina 2
Ethiopia 1
Venezuela 1
Philippines 1
Brazil 1
Mexico 1
Hungary 1
South Africa 1
Bulgaria 1
Slovenia 1
Pakistan 1
Estonia 1
Russia 1
Uzbekistan 1
Singapore 1
Zimbabwe 1
Ecuador 1
Total 1181
Ulysseus partner university 901
Other universities 100
Other 44
Ulysseus associated partner 32
Company 27
Authority/Government 19
High school 18
NGO/Association/Agency 17
EU institution 16
R&D Institution 6
Journalist/Media 1
Total 1181